hanging by my heartstrings (ohmygolly) wrote in sushi_night,
hanging by my heartstrings

well that was interesting...

sushi night was pretty fun last night. i took it very easy on the drinking this time around. we went and saw pretty girls make graves at the sapphire (or the social if you want to be all new skool about it) and had a wonderful time, which, in my opinion, ended in a nice sushi night. this time around it was me, brian, karen, RD, corbin, brian orlando, a couple of really nice kids who's names i compleyely forget now,and someone sitting next to me. again, i'll be damned if a ican remember who. what is wrong with me tonight!?!? anyway, brian, karen, and RD got good and toasty, we had more sake bombs, brian met more people and invited them to join us next week (i'm sooo glad i don't work there), and chef ken gave us the hook up big time because, you know, it was his birthday again.
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